6 Ways You Can Update Your Mountain Home on a Budget – Home Town Colorado


5. Replace Your Roofing

It is also possible to upgrade your house by replacing its roofing with a stronger material. Although this is not an easy or affordable project and requires a lot of money, investing in quality materials like slate or metal can help you reduce future replacement costs. Metal roofing is able to last between 40 and 60 years, occasionally lasting much longer, based on the type of metal or slate, while slate tiles can last for more than 100 years. Asphalt shingles, on contrary, only are designed to last 20 years. Although these materials can be costlier initially due to the fact that you won’t have to take them off at any point in the future it will help you by saving money over time.

If you reside located in an area likely to catch fire, changing your roof is an excellent idea. It could stop sparks from starting to ignite the house, and also protect it when it comes to wildfire season. This is particularly important when it is paired with siding that is resistant to combustion.

Also, replacing your roof can change the look that your exterior house. It is possible to make your home be distinctive from others through enhancing the curb appeal.

A roofer can assist to determine what material you prefer according to your requirements as well as your budget. They can also help conduct an inspection that will help you determine any problem areas that your current roofing might have.

6. Landscaping

In terms of enhancing the exterior of your house, improving your landscaping can be among the most simple and inexpensive ways to improve your home. The landscaping you choose to do can be customized depending on your preferences in terms of budget and space you’ve got. Small things such as gardening in your backyard could make your house look more attractive and show off the color.

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