Foam Fire-Suppression System – 4 Star Digital


For a better way to deal with more serious hazards to industrial fires, like the ones caused by huge appliances, kitchens, and computers, you will require an industrial fire suppression apparatus. This video shows one instance when foam is employed in the fight against a fire instead of water. Foam has a better effect than water as it does not cause fires to spread as fast as oil. Foam is a method of smothering. In other words, instead of drowning out the flame, you create a situation where the fire can’t get any more oxygen. It is the reason blankets are utilized to protect individuals who are fleeing fire-scarred buildings. If you soak yourself in waterfor a while, this is going to dry and leave you burned. The thickness of the blanket actually stops burning from touching the skin as long as the blanket doesn’t get burned. pkk7g38iib.

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