Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette – Sports Radio Online



Each zone will be given an established set of guidelines. These rules can vary by area, therefore it is important to adhere to the rules. It is important to remember the importance of safety at range and behavior includes not pointing an object with a firearm until you’re ready engage targets on the range. That means the barrel of the gun must be pointed at the ground. From this point on, be sure to keep your hands away from the trigger. Guns should remain not loaded until it is prepared to shoot. If the shooter has rented an gun or isn’t comfortable with their own gun, it’s crucial to request help from the range personnel. Eye protection and ear protection should always be on hand. Additional ear protection may be necessary for kids. It is recommended that guns be pointed towards the distance and not loaded when switching shooters or changing targets. When reloading guns, the barrel of the gun should be pointed down range. Be sure to follow the directions of the range officer before shooting targets. If shooters observe anything risky or threatening, they should say “cease firing.” The range officer will be alerted that there is a risk. By shouting cease fire, it alerts the range officers be aware of the issue and lets them fix it.

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