Are You Interested in a Career Running an Auto Collision Shop – This Week Magazine


Auto collision repair will continue to be needed as it is a vehicle collision.
Repairing auto collisions requires the use of specialized skills. Each repair begins by assessing the damage and an estimation of the time it would require for the car to restore it to its original condition.
This career field uses the latest technology, yet it remains heavily dependent on well-developed craftsmanship. This video takes you through the process of estimating jobs, and explains the steps to get into the industry. Technicians need to have both formal education and experience. The apprentice will replace a bumper on a vehicle of the same time. After that, the technician shows you how to complete the different stages.
The video contains a wealth of info that anyone interested in an auto collision career could benefit from. To find out if this profession is right for you, check out the video. 34xfgnn3rj.

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