Learn Some Gas Line Installation Tips – DIY Home Ideas


Every DIY installation should start by installing brand new fittings, fittings, and pipes.
While installing gas lines may be accomplished in the identical manner to other kind of plumbing, there are certain steps which gas lines should follow. A gas line that is damaged can hold more water than a plumbing pipe.
In this short video, find out why each gas line must use pipe joint compound to ensure a tight seal. Do-it-yourselfers installing gas pipelines make the unintentional mistake of applying Teflon tape in place of pipe joint compound which isn’t approved by code. The video also mentions one of the mistakes that are made is making use of the wrong wrench. In this case, for instance, a pipe wrench shouldn’t be utilized on brass fittings. If fittings are brass, a crescent wrench will perform well.
This video explains in great detail the procedure for installing gas lines. It also outlines the things to avoid and which tools are required. efnqenpaoi.

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