Tips to Maintain and Care for Your Lawn – DIY Home Ideas


Simple lawn maintenance is possible with the help of the rhizomes and stolons, which help grass to spread.
Tip #2 : Choose the Best Fertilizer

In the ideal scenario, choose an organic fertilizer because it’s more beneficial for your lawn’s ecosystem. It also makes lawn maintenance easy. Take a look at the explanation on the front of the bag and determine the number of square feet you need.

For determining how much fertilizer to use To determine how much fertilizer to use, simply divide the square footage you want to cover by 1,000 and then split that by the amount of weight the bag holds. That will tell you how many pounds will be needed to cover 1,000 square feet.

Tip 3. Prevention and Control of Weeds

In order to keep weeds under control, it is important to have an effective lawn care. Good weed control products can be purchased at any local shop for DIY. The best control products should be chosen for both the mature and young the weeds.

Watch the video below to discover how to keep your lawn in top shape Step-by-step.


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