Beginners Guide to Becoming a Travel Nurse – Healthy Lunch


This guide will cover everything you’ll require to work as a travel nurse.
The Experience

A minimum of two years work experience before getting hired as a traveling nurse. Experience is required in your area, whether it’s ICU, NICU, ER, etc.


It’s important to check you have all your licences as well as certificates are in good condition. It is not possible to be licensed in one jurisdiction and then operate in another. Licenses in both the state your residence is located in and another one will be mandatory. This can add up to a lot of money.


Select a reliable person who understands you and will find the ideal work for you. Be patient and complete the research you need to do, else you might end up being stuck in the wrong position by an employer who doesn’t have the right jobs for you.


To be eligible for jobs it is necessary to fill out an application, resume, reference, licensing, qualifications and certificates as well as a license.

Call-in Interviews and Credentialing

There will be a few minutes, and then conduct an interview over the phone with your potential new boss to confirm that you’re the right fit. If you’re a good fit it’s time to undergo an credentialing procedure to help prepare yourself for work.

Being a traveling nurse can be as difficult as purchasing a flight ticket and being on time to work. If you’re persistent, it is possible to locate the ideal job which offers a great salary and lots of autonomy.


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