Parking Spots Made Easy With This New Tech! – Geek Support Tech


Finding a parking spot in a city is an obstacle. There are many places to go looking for a parking space that is within walking distance of your destination for up to 10 minutes. This can be a real problem if you’re on strict schedules. It’s not just you who has parking issues. Use the app for parking. Researchers and engineers were able to understand our frustrations and have created an innovative application that will solve it. The video shows us firsthand what parking apps do and how it could make you think differently about parking garages.

Parking apps use GPS information from satellites to offer you paid-for empty parking spaces around the city. You can also find free parking spaces. But they can’t guarantee that a parking spot will be there upon arrival. The app allows you to only pay for the period it is required. It doesn’t require communication with the meters. There is a way to secure space on your parking space through a simple click.


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