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. Preforms are manufactured from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), so they are called PET preforms. Preforms made from PET are produced by RETAL by using extremely precise injection molding processes on top-of-the-line technology.

The PET preform, also referred to as a”preform” is accomplished through a molding process. The melted PET that is injected into the mold is transformed into a preform as a result of an additional processing step (blowing) will take form as bottles of drinks for oil, elementary or detergents. Preforms are created from the “finish” one, which is basically part of a bottleneck. This will ensure that the form of the mold does not alter when blowing. Preforms made of plastic can be created by cutting fiber threads (usually made of glass) into mats. These will act as reinforcements in a plastic mold. Preforms like these are the starting base for bottles made of plastic. Injecting air into the preform and heating it The shape of the bottle is designed to fit the intended shape of the mold.

PET preforms can be utilized as packaging for mineral water, juices, liquors soft drinks, carbonated drinks, oils appropriate for consumption, medicine and jams. They can also be used for pickles, consumer items, etc. vw2joos22i.

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