This is How You Can Prevent Tooth Decay – Teeth Cavities


nds to sneak up on the people. They may not even realize there is a problem until too late. Most cavities are not noticeable and don’t cause any pain. Yet, they’re creating permanent damage to your teeth. The general dentist is able to fill your cavities and maintain the health of your teeth. Additionally, you can safeguard your teeth at home with numerous simple actions. In this short video we’ll explore a few options.

First, make sure you’re brushing and flossing your teeth daily. Dentists suggest brushing twice per day. Many people also brush their teeth after eating as well. There is a important reason. The food you eat on your teeth is not just food for your mouth It is also food for bacteria that reside in your mouth. If you don’t wash these food particles off your teeth, bacteria will consume the food and produce acid. The acid causes burning the teeth to cause tooth decay. It is the reason why regular brushing is so crucial. You can also augment this process by using the fluoride rinse prior to going to getting to bed. This will assist in removing any food particles and prevent the development of bacteria.


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