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Avid faced the massive tree which was always dropping huge branches in the yard. The wife was terrified and was worried about the tree to fall onto their house, and so did his son. It’s likely because in 2015 just the day after Christmas, a huge tree fell on their home.

Jonathan Lee was hired by David for the task of removing the tree. David interviewed Jonathan Lee via YouTube when the task was completed to receive his suggestions on choosing the right tree removal company.

Choose a tree removal service that has insurance proof. That’s because anything can happen, and it is important that damages be dealt with appropriately.

Check that the employees have the right equipment for removing the tree when it is cut. A big picker, front-loader hauling trailer, and bobcat are the most important tools.

Additionally, a tree remover isn’t supposed to poke holes, or even pivot in the ground. All work should leave your lawn looking clean. Make sure you don’t go with the lowest priced company. Consider reading reviews and feedback from past customers to determine the most effective tree trimming services.

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