What Benefits Do Swimming Pools Offer? – Family Reading



The CDC recommends swimming less than 2 1/2 hours each week is enough to reduce your risk of suffering from chronic illness. That means that you could maintain your health risk minimal by just swimming a few hours each week.

The use of swimming pools is a common treatment for arthritis. It is a great way to reduce inflammation and pain in joints and also increase mobility.

Another advantage of swimming pools is the relief it provides from diseases and mental illnesses. The swimming pool has been proven to alleviate tension and signs of depression.

Swimming pools provide many advantages to senior citizens. Senior citizens can exercise throughout their entire body while in the swimming pools without having to strain joints or muscles. It is easier to exercise under water rather than on it. It also reduces stress on the heart as well as increasing bone mass.

Watch the video to learn more about swimming pools and their benefits for seniors, kids, and adults.


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