What Happens During a Braces Consultation – Teeth Video


Get the entire list of options. The video below, “What to Expect at the Consultation and Appointment”, explains the expectations of braces appointments.

They also provide the dates each procedure takes place within the treatment program. The information also includes any additional steps you need to take prior to and after the procedure. In addition, you will learn about what to expect during the brace’s appointment.

Just like any office the orthodontist’s staff will provide the patient with an outline of the treatments offered by the doctor. It will tell you exactly what you can expect from the office. They’ll explain everything, from billing and scheduling. Doctors will explain how it all works, the way each procedure is carried out, and what you can take at home to speed in the treatment process.

In addition, you may get X-rays done. The orthodontist can use Xrays to determine the treatment plans based on the findings. The appointment for braces is the best way to determine the level of services provided by the orthodontist. It is also a good opportunity to discuss all your concerns. Make sure you are not afraid to voice your concerns.


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