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The person you’re taking care of can’t leave the bed in order to use the bathroom. They may need to use a bedpan. Bedpans are containers used to collect waste and urine. They can be put underneath the bed of the person lying down or sitting on their sleeping. You can make bedpans from metal, plastic or both. Many are lined to avoid the flow of urine and to make cleaning easier.

When you’re aiding someone using a bedpan, it is best to be relaxed. This can cause you to look embarrassed to help an individual with their own bedpan. If you’re taking care of people who are not your sexual partner the same thing could be true. They will be more secure if your confident and not apprehensive.

Sprinkle a little body powder around the edge of the pot to help the sliding. For spillages the bedpad could be placed under the bedpan.
Help to get the bedpan in position.
The person should sit straight up, or raise their hips slightly. Now put the bed pan underneath them. If you’re joined by a person, have them raise their legs while the helper slides the bedpan beneath.
They can also be assisted to rotate towards the other side. Gently press the bedpan against his or her bottom and aid them to turn onto the bedpan. dlvh7yz3vp.

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