Why is Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure important? – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS


development (4IR) has arrived and geospatial service opportunities are a big part of this. The 4IR revolution represents a significant technological advancement that grew by the advent of modern technologies such as 5G, big-data, robotics, miniatureaturization and artificial Intelligence. This has led to new possibilities like real-time data and better analytical information-gathering. The changes in technology have changed the fundamental behavior of the digital ecosystem, collaborations and policies.

The digital ecosystem has been increasingly dependent on geospatial services. The digital ecosystem is expanding and has revealed the need for data delivery in real-time as well as automation, dynamicity in addition to automation. Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure is a project that is aiming to make Geospatial technology and general purpose technology a core component of the 4IR economy system. GKI makes use of data, technology in combination with policies, as well as individuals to make the most efficient use of knowledge and geospatial intelligence throughout the entire system of.

Geospatial solutions are an essential element of our technological time. GKI can provide geospatial data to everyone. This is achieved by creating an advanced system of interconnected formats, organizations, and disciplines organized in a way that makes it simple to utilize. Knowledge and technology for geospatial applications are vitally important now more than ever in the environment of 4IR.


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