What Happens When an Arrest Warrant Is Filed? – Action Potential


the arrest of a person with the help of an arrest warrant. It is a legal document that targets persons who are accused of having committed crime. An officer can request an arrest warrant, they need to prove probable cause and the extent to which evidence available leads any reasonable person to believe that criminal activities have occurred.
A judge can issue an arrest warrant that authorizes the police to bring the person into custody whenever they choose. Take it seriously if you learn that a judge has issued a warrant for your arrest. The warrant permits you to be detained by police at any time and from any place. If nothing happens to cancel the warrant or your criminal defense lawyer settles the legal matter that warrant is still in effect until the time you’re in custody.
If the court issue court warrants for benching, officers may immediately seize your property. If a court issue a warrant for you arrest due to your inability to show up, the posted bail may be taken away. If you’re being held on bench warrants for failing to show up, the police will take your case to the jail of county until a judge is available for a hearing. It is likely that you will not be granted a bail because it is considered to be a flight risk. ot5glo2ios.

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