Does Your Child Really Need Braces? – Healthy Balanced Diet


Tooth decay and infections are just two of the many dental problems that can occur. Healthy bite habits are crucial to improve speech and chewing. Dental problems are a common condition among infants, hence braces for kids are essential.

Problems with teeth alignment and jaws in children are fairly common and can be caused by a variety of circumstances. Some are handed down by parents, other issues can be the result of poor habits or dental diseases. A few anomalies may appear obvious, however your dentist could refer your to a specialist. Whatever the reason or how you are first noticing an issue, an orthodontist can assist in determining if braces are needed for your child.

As per the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) The AAO recommends that your child consult an orthodontist by the time the age of seven. Certain conditions, like tooth eruptions or jaw growth, may require a visit when your child is six or five years old. Even though treatment isn’t likely to begin so early, a preemptive intervention can assist you and the orthodontist of your child in forming a future plan. a67krs8xl6.

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