Use These Steps to Plan a Smooth Basement Remodel – Creative Decorating Ideas



It’s not something that you want to put off for many years. However, when it is time to take on this task, having a clear plan for your renovation go without a hitch. The following steps, compiled by experts from the industry will guide you from start to complete.

Your rough in phase will be required to begin the process. This will include all demolition in order to build a blank. This will include the installation of the subfloor. In the following step, walls may be built over it. Once that is done, move on to electrical, plumbing and mechanical considerations, including the plumbing needed to wash clothes or for a bathroom. There will need to be insulation for managing temperature and for soundproofing for reducing noise leakage into your basement. The next major step is dealing with the drywall. It is crucial that plaster dry thoroughly between each stage. It can be difficult in basements. The final step is the finishing stage. The final step is to add more superficial elements, such as painting or ornamental trim, creating a warm and inviting environment that you will enjoy over the long run.

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