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as they aren’t usually maintained. It’s not too late to realize that the device was not charged.

Be aware of the necessity and importance of fire extinguisher refill. This should never be overlooked. This article will provide further details about the refill of fire extinguishers.

What’s the reason for recharging fire extinguishers

Extinguishers for fires that aren’t properly charged, expired or overcharged could cause fires and other serious harm to the property of as well as equipment. To meet OSHA as well as other codes of the state as well as to meet requirements for insurance, both commercial and industrial buildings must employ experts in the process of recharging fire extinguishers.

The company that provides fire protection has all the knowledge and tools to ensure your extinguisher functions efficiently. With that, a qualified professional should be the right person who can do this, since they have the expertise to recharge every fire extinguisher.

What time should I recharge the fire extinguishers?

Each use of the fire extinguisher must result in recharging. This is to ensure it is in good working order and that the liquid used to suppress the fire is properly stored and always ready to extinguish the fire.

It is also recommended to recharge it regularly if you notice indications of corrosion, damage or nozzle obstructions , to ensure that you maintain the device in top state.


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