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ludes cases where there is any physical contact between the parties, the damages are not significant and the client does not seem to be in a state of mind like smoking or texting at the wheel. The case can often be decided outside of court which is usually prior to any court date. The law governing auto accidents is one of the areas that are practiced under the legal law governing car accidents. It is a court-based practice. Clients will have be in court in order to proceed.

DUI laws for car accident cases are the same as auto accident lawsuits. It applies when there has an incident that has resulted in a traffic offense or negligence on behalf of the other driver. The case is still an auto collision case as there was no intent of the other driver’s to cause damage or injury. A lawyer who has been drinking can aid you in court if you’re facing DUI accusations.

Guardianship Law

While the law governing guardianship was in force for quite a while, it is relatively recent. This is one of the areas of practice that has only been gaining popularity in recent years. The law grants authority and power to a specific person to provide care to someone who is unable to care themselves. This could be done by the individual or an organization.

Guardianship is a decision by the court which grants an individual authority over property or persons. A court can appoint guardianship if it feels that an infirm person for example, the person who is protected or a ward is in danger. A guardian may be someone else or an entity like or the State Department of Social Services that cares for children.

Sometimes, a guardian only has authority over a ward’s finances. The term “limited guardianship” describes what it is. In other cases, the court appoint guardians for finances and for personal needs.

When dealing with this type of law, it’s essential to hire the services of a guardianship attorney. They are experts regarding guardianship laws. The Wi


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