15 Backyard Catering Ideas for Your Next Party – Confluent Kitchen


Freshest local foods are available in their eateries, so why not include them in your backyard party? What’s the point of having to prepare all your food on your own? Plan with local restaurants , so they’ll cook your guests’ favourites and bring them over at your home. For this you are able to invite these restaurants to your party and give them publicity for free. It’s an excellent way to let you and your friends and family have fun with other activities, like cooking, or having fun.
11. Tapas

In your search for the ideal backyard ideas for catering, make a list of tapas. Tapas are tiny portions of different foods. These are usually served in smaller portions so that everyone can take a bite of every recipe. Try serving different tapas at your backyard party and see what they think of it. In this case, for example, you could set up a bruschetta bar, where guests can choose which bruschetta they’d like to try along with their drink.

12. Taco Bar

Have a taco station if you’re interested in making Mexican food at your backyard event. You can set the taco buffet up prior to when the guests arrive or offer them during the party after everyone arrives. This will surely be a favorite with your guests and they’ll love it.

13. Craft Beer

An excellent way to have the taste of beer during backyard gatherings is craft beer. Wine bottles are a great method of serving beer at your event without filling up your guests with carbonated water bottles. An old wine glass could be used for serving craft beers. These bottles can be bought at any hardware store. Additionally, you could plan with your local brewery they’ll attend your party and serve the craft beer right in the venue. You could even hold a contest to guess what beers were in every bottle. Your guests can be introduced to different drinks could be a hit.

14. Cocktail Bar

You can have different kinds of drinks


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