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pulation of senior adults who are living alone and there are a number different risks they’re exposed to due to. Some call them “solo senior citizens” and “elder orphans.” Even though living in an independent setting can be hard for seniors, some laws and resources provide valuable safeguards.

Seniors frequently have difficulty controlling their money, specifically when they’re trying to pay back debt. Section 207, the Social Security Act is a safeguard to stop Social Security benefits being garnished from debt collectors. Additional forms of seniors income such as veteran’s benefits and benefits from disability are secured also.

In addition, many seniors are believed to be judgment-proof. So, a debtor who has a judgment against them cannot claim their property. Senior citizens are able to send cease-and-desist letters to debt collectors asking they end all contact.

Seniors are often on an income that is fixed and may use debt to help them manage their everyday costs. It is also possible to reduce your cost of housing, making it simpler to cover living expenses.

Independent seniors can take advantage of the help of lawyers as well as other agencies to assist those struggling with debt. To get more info and find additional information on tips for seniors independent living, watch on the video that we’ve linked above.


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