How Positive Attorney Testimonials Examples Can Boost Your Business – Customer Support Portal


to get feedback from previous clients. When a case has been closed Contact your client to ask them to give feedback on the experience they had with your service. You can do this via the use of an email, survey or in-person conversation. Create a simple process: When soliciting testimonials from attorneys ensure that it is as straightforward as possible for clients to provide their feedback. Provide a link or an already written testimony so clients are able to write it up quickly and submit it. Clients who give feedback can get rewarded with incentives. Offer a discount or gift card for future services. After that, if the client isn’t responding to the initial inquiry for lawyer testimonials Don’t be scared to follow up. A gentle reminder can often be enough to encourage clients to give feedback. Social proof is a different way to collect reviews. Ask clients to post reviews on platforms like Yelp and Google.

These guidelines will aid attorneys obtain examples of attorney testimonials that they can utilize to expand their customer base and win more clients.

Testimonials are a great way to attract new clients as well as boost your business. Attorneys can show their credibility as well as their expertise by showing the positive reviews of their clients in the past. You should consider the location of testimonials and their format. Be sure the testimonials are up-to date and accurate. It is crucial to have authentic testimonials and diverse. They could help boost your SEO, online presence on social media, and mail campaigns, resolve the potential problems, emphasize specific selling points that are unique and enhance your reputation. These guidelines will help attorneys enhance their presence online and gain more customers.


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