Do We Need More Auto Mechanics? – Auto Body Collision Repair News


What’s the function of mechanics in auto repair? Technology in automobiles today has become more sophisticated. Auto mechanics must operate with the latest cars that come with built-in computers. There is a shortage of auto mechanics, both American and European automobile mechanics. The YouTube video “Why the U.S.A Is In a Desperate Need Of Auto Mechanics” points out, there is currently an over-demand and a short supply of qualified, trained experienced and skilled auto mechanics within the US.
The Demand is Growing for Auto Mechanics

Recent studies suggest cities have many more vehicles on the roads today than ten years ago. It is going up. However the shortage of number of mechanics for autos in the United States. So, when automobiles have to be taken in for maintenance or repairs it could be an extended wait time until the vehicle is returned. There is a high demand for mechanics in the auto industry. is high , while number of available is low. Many people view it as a job that pays low work with little prestige.

The profession of auto mechanic is one which can earn a decent living. This is the case especially if the auto mechanic specializes in a specific type of vehicle including electric and diesel vehicles.


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