How To Install Sod in Your Lawn? – DIY Projects for Home


Do you not know how to set up sod? Need help.

The first step is to begin with a clean slate when it comes to the place you’d like to install your sod. Then, you will need to plant dirt to the site or even level it the area you’re working with first. Additionally, you will need an irrigation system in place or follow a scheduled watering routine to ensure that your lawn is kept hydrated.

Distribute seed starters and fertilizer all over the area. Use a lawn roller to settle and firm the soil before you install the sod. After receiving the sod, it needs to be put in place immediately. Then, you will lay it over the lawn , in a staggered, brick-like pattern as seen in this video. Make use of a big knife to cut the sod around obstacles.

For the soil to soak, ensure that you water it throughout the entire time. After installation, again sprinkle water on the soil to ensure that it’s well-soaked. For best results, cut the sod when it is 3 inches high. Fertilize the sod each month to get the most effective outcomes.


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