Which is Better? A Dentist or a Dental Hygienist – Preventing Cavaties



tal hygienist. It’s to help people who are having a difficult to decide if they would like to work as dentists or hygienists. The two professions have distinct education requirements and salaries.

Hygienists in the field of dentistry have a lower education that dentists. The dentist must complete at least four years of training followed by a dental institution for four years. A dental hygienist only needs an associate’s level degree, but many people get it within just two years.

First contact with patients is often made by the dentist. They may take an x-ray of the patient prior to performing the cleaning or flossing of teeth. The dentist is usually responsible for helping patients in developing efficient treatment plans to address the problems. The dentist may suggest that patients seek out fillings to help prevent any further dental decay. Dentists may also suggest different methods of treatment, and would discuss the advantages and risks for each procedure. Certain procedures are handled by dentists. Other procedures are performed only by hygienists.

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