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This is just for the purpose of sprucing up different rooms in your home. This article will briefly outline a step-by-step guide to making a flower arrangement.
You have everything you require

A pair of scissors and razor sharp knives for example, one for paring, are essential. Vases can be costly but you could reuse some of your other glassware around the house. The best place to look is for a gorgeous, cheap crystal vases in a flea market or the thrift shop.


To prepare, fill the flower vase with warm water and flower food. Food is typically included with the bouquets you purchase from the market. Set the flowers in front of the vase, so you can see which way to cut them using the scissors to cut them. Cut with the knife away excess leaves that fall just below the line of water.


Begin by placing the foliage. Place the foliage about 1/3 of the way up the rim. Next, place smaller-headed blooms. Then, finish with the larger-headed flower. Be sure to ensure the order of things. To allow enough space for the stems to breathe the stems.

These guidelines will enable you to create beautiful arrangements every time. Click on the video above for a visual outline of these guidelines.


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