2022 Tattoo Trends – you can’t buy culture


Obo-lovers everywhere are excited for a return visit to the shop. Every year, new tattoo styles are accepted by tattoo enthusiasts all over the globe. 2022 isn’t an instance. Here are the most popular tattoo trends you should be looking at that will inspire you to make for an appointment with the tattoo artist as soon as possible!

Tattoos aren’t just a passing style. There are a myriad of different artistic styles and innovative techniques being brought out each year, you will never see the same tattoo twice. The trend of micro realism is taking the tattoo industry by storm. Amazing designs are created through tiny, detailed tattoos. Also, the 90’s style tattoos are back in fashion. Tribal tattoos in retro Japanese design and Japanese-inspired tattoos are currently back in the fashion. Everything that was trendy in the past five years is set to become popular once again. The trend for fine line tattoos was a hit last year, and they are expected to continue growing in the coming years to 2022. While minimalism and abstraction are being embraced in the past small neck and face items are now trendy.


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