Basic Commercial Roofing Installation – Boston Equator


It’s getting less popular in roofing. It’s a great protection material and benefits in insulation. It’s flexible , and it can be fitted on any type of roof. Additionally, it’s fairly inexpensive when in comparison to other roofing materials.

Cleaning and organization is of paramount concern for commercial roofing installers. Each of the components are broken down and put in secure locations, preventing accidents and slips.

TPO roofing can use adhesives to attach the roof. It is a problem that over time the adhesive may fail due to exposure and the roofing material will begin to peel upwards. These roofers use metal fasteners (a plate, and four-inch screws) for firmly fixing the TPO to the roof and stop this from happening.

TPO’s reflective qualities are another benefits. It bounces UV rays off of your roof, increasing the efficiency of energy used by your business and saving you costs. Everywhere you have a pipe that is connected, you will need tailored TPO pipe boots to fit. For more details go to the video above.


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